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Product : CAKES
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Cake In Jar Red velvet
Choc nuttela
Berry blueberry
Lola strawberry

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

sweet cupcakes for hubby birthday!

closed order

Hi semua,order untuk BISKUT LIDAH KUCING RAINBOW DAH DITUTUP untuk raya haji.
Minta maaf xdapat nk selit2 order dah…

Terima kasih semua!!

Convocation cupcakes!

Convocation cupcakes!happy dapat siapkan...last minute order ni.. #convo #graduation #scroll #bouquet #fondant Thanks fatin

cakes with balloons

Hubby cakes with balloons inside was rainbow cakes.. #kulimcupcake #balloons #hubby #cakes #rainbow thanks Nabila Damiea

cakes with bouquet of flowers

Wifey cakes with bouquet of flowers. Inside was red velvet cakes cream cheese frosting. #redvelvet #cheese #flowers #bouquet #wife #kulimcupcake thanks Nabila Damiea

Follow our instagram !!

Follow our instagram !!

taste good!

no cake no birthday =)

Simple choc cakes in square shape. Thanks k.ieda..

normal pavlova 1layer

Ini namanya normal pavlova 1layer... #fresh #pavlova #freshfruit ... Nak buat tempahan boleh whatsapp 0133255010.. Kulimcupcake homemade based tau...xda kedai

thanks wahida

sila tergoda!

Berries pavlova with special cream

Nk order boleh whatsapp ke 0133255010

Red velvet for boss birthday with superbike topper..

Red velvet for boss birthday with superbike topper.. 
Sangat berbesar hati cust dari penang tempah..sanggup datang kulim untuk pickup hanya sebab kek dr #KC....So sweet. Thank you..

 thanks for feedback =)

couples cupcakes

I love u. 

Happy wedding  

large red velvet cakes! yum yumm

A red velvet for my friend belated birthday. 
Suprised from her sister... 

new york cheese cakes with berries

For mama birthday.thanks kak lynn.. 
new york cheese cakes with berries

#cheese #cake follow us on instagram #kulimcupcake

hello kitty cake

Hello kitty cake inside was strawberry layered choc moist with fillling raspeberry

thanks amutha!

my new gadget

My cakes with my new chiller!
Say hello for my new gadget..hehe!

*proud with my self*

red velvet.

Red velvet with cream cheese frosting always get  positif feedback from customer.
Taste good! Yum!
Never taste it before?hurry up find it now! *drool*

Meringue kisses

Meringue kisses by #kulimcupcake

Melt in mouth yaw!

thanks wany

Emerald green design by wany
Happy wedding wany.
Wedding cake 1 tiers with cupcakes. Topper by #snafstuff

Hantaran cakes in turquoise also order by wany for groom side.
Thanks for this order =)
Nice dealling with u! =)